Tuvute Pamoja Deeplearning Indaba

Indaba X: African Language Short Story Competition

Question: My language is not listed?

Answer: We do not have funds to offer prizes for all 2000+ African languages. We can increase the number of offered languages to some extent. Contact us at lugha@tuvutepamoja.africa if you want to have your language included and can support a prize. Following the example of Engineer Mohammed Bashir Karaye, groups/individuals that support a language can have prizes named after them or entities that they choose. Each language requires $60.

Question: How do I know if my submitted story has been received?

Answer: You will get an automatic confirmation email upon submission. This will be followed by confirmation email from a human, and finally your story should appear in the Submitted Stories section of the website. Please contact us if you have any problems submitting your story.

Question: I have submitted my story, why does it not appear in the Submitted Stories section of the website and so it is not possible to submit a translation.

Answer: It may take upto 24 hours for valid submissions to appear, after which translations can be submitted.